NHRC – a toothless tiger


Jun 2, 2016


Justice H L Dattu, Chairman of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) said:
“NHRC is a toothless tiger. We painstakingly investigate human rights violation cases, sometimes in remote areas, with our limited resources. The evidence collected is put to forensic judicial adjudication by its chairman and members, who are former judges. But at the end, when NHRC arrives at a finding, it can only recommend remedial measures or direct the state concerned to pay compensation.

“We keep writing letters to the authorities concerned to implement our recommendations. But it is the sweet will of the authorities whether or not to implement NHRC recommendations. It is for Parliament to decide whether to confer NHRC with some kind of contempt powers to make authorities implement its recommendations.


“The National Human Rights Commission watchdog needs some teeth to enforce its orders on remedial measures in cases relating to violations.


“Moreover, the Act does not categorically empower the NHRC to act when human rights violations through private parties take place. A private company had acquired large tracts of land in Odisha but had not taken steps to rehabilitate or compensate the erstwhile land owners. NHRC had stepped in and directed the private company to do the needful. But the company moved the HC and NHRC’s directions were stayed by the HC on the ground that NHRC could not have taken up the case as there was no involvement of official machinery in the alleged human rights violation,” .


A really sorry state of affairs………….the tiger needs tooth implants.

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