Mobile Towers – Are they Health Hazards ?

Kiran Shantaram and others have recently filed a writ in the Bombay High Court against the installation of Mobile towers in a Municipal Garden adjoining the Raj Kamal Studio compound in Parel, Mumbai. 
The Bombay High Court has not granted any interim order so far.

The fact remains that it is not clear whether the radiation are health hazards.
Environment activists feel that they are health hazards. 

Experts are divided. And there is no conclusive evidence or study to indicate that the radiation is a health hazard.

The issue has been decided by at at least three High Courts. The High Courts  have held that the radiation is not a health hazard.
The Govt. of India should come out with clear expert opinion.

Meanwhile, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and National Green Tribunal (NGT) have said that cell-tower radiations are not a “pollutant” or a health hazard if the cell towers strictly adhere to the norms that have been laid down by World Health Organization (WHO) and the department of telecommunication (DoT).

This obviously means that the radiation from the cell towers should not only be routinely checked by the concerned agencies, but the reports should be made available online.

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