Dr Sitesh Roy – a cheat and fraud


Dr Sitesh Roy of Mumbai  professes to be a highly qualified doctor. I have already filed a Complaint against him with the Maharashtra Medical Council.

But if you go through his degrees, you will find that of all his degrees, only one of his degrees – the MBBS – is recognized in India.

If you go to him, you will be carried away by his smooth glib talk – the hall mark of a fraudster. And amongst his experts are Reiki Grandmaster, Master of Kayakalp, and Face Reader. A concoction to cheat patients !


NDr. Hemangi Hadkar

Dr. Hadkar has a varied experience in the holistic healthcare field as a Reiki Grandmaster, Naturopath, Siddha Sanjeevani Expert, Beauty and Anti-aging, Socio-Spiritual Lifestyle counselor, Holistic Healer, DIVINE DIET DESIGNER and Nutrition Coach.

She is one of his primary Holistic Diet Counselors.


NDr. Mridula Nair

Dr. Nair is a Master of Kayakalp & Sanjeevani Siddha Chiktasa, Practitioner of Alternative Medicine, Herbal & Home remedies, Aura Healer, Prayer Healer, Traditional Nadi Parikshak, DIVINE DIET DESIGNER and Hair Care Expert,

She is one of his primary Holistic Diet Counselors.


Dr. Zarana Doshi

Dr. Doshi has been practising for the last nineteen years nationally and for more than ten years Internationally.

She is a Face Reader, Medical Astrologer, Aura Specialist, Dream Analyst, Motivator, Weight Loss Specialist, & Energy Enhancement and Stress Management expert. She is also an experienced and well-renowned counselor in the areas of relationships, marriage, business, finance, career, senior citizens and parenting.

She is one of his primary so called experts.

The above information is available at the following site:


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