Air Pollution in Mumbai


The past few weeks have been very distressful for me. I have been deeply concerned with the increasing air pollution in Mumbai and the increasing number of diseases directly related to it. I, my wife and two sons have been seriously effected. I have been thinking of taking some action.

Though I do not agree with the odd even rule on the movement of cars imposed in Delhi which is riddled with so many litigations, and uncertainties, drastic action is needed in Delhi.

One of the measures I would suggest is the use of vacuum cleaning trucks which are used in several countires. We can take help and opinion from them.


Air Pollution in Mumbai

Coming back to the air pollution in Mumbai, I am relieved to note that the National Green Tribunal, Principal Bench in New Delhi, has passed the following order on 6-January-2016:


“ In view of the fact that the matter is pending before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, particularly the order dated 16th December, 2015 in relation to matter relating to air pollution in NCT, Delhi, we are of the considered view that Tribunal should not pass any directions in this regard at this stage. Therefore we would restrict these petitions for the present only to the places other than Delhi, in relation to air pollution by different sources and subject to such orders as may be passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

“ We therefore have to decide the matter relating to air pollution in other major cities like Bombay, Kolkata, Bangalore, Patna, Lucknow, Allahabad, Kanpur, Varanasi, Pune, Nagpur, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Jallandhar and Amritsar. Let Notice be issued to all the Learned Counsel appearing for the respective states relating to these cities.

“The ambient air quality samples will be taken and analysis report be submitted before the Tribunal. They shall also state the steps they are taking for controlling and preventing the air pollution, resulting from dust emission because of the constructions and other activities, emission from burning of Municipal Solid Waste and other waste including burning of agriculture residue and vehicular pollution. The Pollution Control Board of the respective States in consultation with the Central Pollution Control Board shall prepare a report and analyse the ambient air quality samples forthwith in the related cities as indicated.

“List this matter on 09th February, 2016.”

We should be happy with this welcome development.


I am giving the link to the National Green Tribunal’s Order:


One thought on “Air Pollution in Mumbai

  1. I was feeling sad reading the times of india article that many parts of mumbai have reached a pollutant count of 358 , ** a count of 400 signifies Danger zone and people are advised not to move outside..
    So many construction sites carry on work in full swing and no proper norms are followed which increase the air pollution, forget the norms they donot follow even safety regulations. Innumerable times i have seen workers at extreme heights working without even a safety belt or many workers fall down and die or get crippled due to falls and it goes unnoticed..Im sure many have read the article abt the extreme hazard due to air pollution, but i dont think anything would be done about it coz constructions would still carry on in full swing polluting the air and ministers who have swiss bank accouts woudnt care about the common man…and the common man has lost sensitivity and will read such articles feel low for awhile and will carry on with daily work..

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