National Human Rights Commission – New Delhi

came across an article detailing the demolition of some 100 houses in Hampi, Karnataka.

I have taken up the matter with the National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi.  They have acknowledged and numbered the Complaint. I hope and pray they will give appropriate relief to the poor villagers.


My Complaint:

500 People Homeless & Starving In Hampi, Karnataka As Their Houses Are Bulldozed


  1. I was Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Hubli, Karnataka and I have visited Hampi several times. It is a unique place. I have emotional attachment to this seat of the Vijaya Nagar Empire. I am extremely aggrieved by the following incident. 
  2. This incident relates to a demolition drive carried out on 3 May 2016 in Hampi village located in Koppal District, in Gangavathi Taluk, Sanapur Post, Illpapura Gaddi, North Hampi Island, Karnataka, India.
  3. In this demolition drive, the local government officers bulldozed some 100 homes leaving 500 people homeless. Some photographs are attached to this Complaint to give an indication of the atrocity of the 
  1. These families have been residing in Hampi village for roughly 100 years and paying their taxes for at least 70 years. They are now living in the streets with no proper access to clean water, sanitation, toilets, and other basic and rudimentary requisites of life. The temperature there is around 50-degree Celsius making it extremely difficult for them to survive, especially the women and children. 
  2. Article 21 of the Indian Constitutional Rights guarantees Protection of life and personal liberty to all citizens, regardless of caste or creed. “No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law”. Liberty has been given a very wide meaning and includes carrying on any legal activity for earning one’s livelihood.
  3. I believe that the villagers are covered by the provisions of The Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006 and could not have been evicted.
  4. It is impossible for such poor people to fight in the courts. For them law and law courts remain illusionary. To say they have lost in a court of law simply does not make any sense.
  5. Apart from legalities, it is the duty of any democratic government to not only encourage but help its citizens to earn a decent livelihood. It follows that if it was necessary to move the villagers, and move or shift them due to various government needs or regulations, such indigent persons must be suitably compensated and offered some kind of future living plan before destruction of their property. If this is not done, the displaced persons deprived of their livelihood will be forced to turn to criminality.
  6. I request this Hon’ble Commission to call for a report from the concerned officials immediately and pass necessary orders so that the villagers receive necessary and appropriate relief. I am ready to assist the Hon’ble Commission in any manner necessary.

                                                                                                                             Binoy Gupta

Ayurveda – Nonsense about

It is understandable that in a function organised by the Ayurveda Practitioners, the Minister in charge of Ayush would praise the virtues of Ayurveda.

But it is not comprehensible when the Minister’s pitch reaches insaneness.

While inaugurating an Ayurveda research centre at Kolhapur, AYUSH minister, Shri Shripad Naik said: “Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical systems in the world and we should be proud of it as it has been practised since ancient times. How can anyone oppose it when the whole world is showing interest in ayurveda and trying to find remedies of diseases that even modern medical science cannot discover?” 

Absolutely no issues.

Now the minister goes on to say: “ “We will ensure that the medium of education for ayurveda students is Sanskrit. All literature related to ayurveda are in Sanskrit.”

I do not know whether the minister himself know Sanskrit.

He goes on to say what should not be said: “Some ayurveda practitioners have told me that doctors prescribing allopathy medicines often advise patients not to opt for ayurveda. Such doctors are anti-nationals.”  

I  would like to know when the Minister and his family members fall sick, do they not take allopathc treatment? If they do….then they are all anti nationals.

Minister Saheb….talk sensible things. The higher the post, greater is the responsibility.



Medical Negligence – Complaint to the State Medical Council

It is commonly believed that the State Medical Councils do not take any action against errant doctors for Medical Negligence because they belong to the same profession.

The fact is that State Medical Councils do take disciplinary action. But like all legal processes, the procedure is a little complicated and time consuming. Of course, this relief is in addition to claiming compensation under the Consumer Protection Act.

I am reproducing the following news item:


The case dates back to three and a half years ago when  Chandrakant Kulkarni came to Dr Nitin Rathane, a surgeon at  Sushrusha Hospital in Mulund. The doctor  told Kulkarni that he had colon cancer and needed urgent surgery. Kulkarni was operated at  Sushrusha Hospital, where he developed complications.

Kulkarni  was immediately transferred to Fortis Hospital. The diagnostic reports later showed that he didn’t have cancer, hence forming the base of the medical negligence case. In April, 2015, Kulkarni filed a complaint with the Maharashtra Medical Council  for removal of  a portion of his intestine without complete medical investigations.

The Executive Council of the the Maharashtra Medical Council fixed two hearings  –  on October 12, 2015 and December 18, 2015. However, Dr Nitin Rathane did not appear in either of the hearings.

On February 3, 2016, Maharashtra Medical Council issued a charge sheet against Dr Nitin Rathane  giving the doctor 10 days time to file a response to Kulkarni’s accusations. However, the doctor still did not file any response, and the Maharashtra Medical Council has now announced Dr Nitin Rathane’s temporary suspension during the pendency of the case.

Dr Nitin Rathane later told a reporter that “My lawyer had sent my response to the Maharashtra Medical Council. In fact, I was getting ready to face the trial but suddenly, I received the letter on Thursday. I don’t know how the Maharashtra Medical Council didn’t receive my response,” .

Let us see how things progress!