Dog and Propensity to Bite

I have come across several instances of infighting between members of housing societies; and between members and the managing committee over pets, especially dogs.

The news about ex Law Minister of Delhi, Somnath Bharti, his wife Lipika, and his pet dog Don make interesting reading.
I will not offer any comments – because firstly, I am not aware of the entire facts; and secondly, the matter is already before the courts.

According to British Law, which we follow to a great extent, if a dog has a propensity to bite, he can be put to sleep (or put to death).
I will illustrate this brilliant concept, and its more brilliant interpretation, by a British Judge.

There was a charge of propensity to bite against a particular dog. The trial magistrate upheld the charge and ordered the dog to be put to sleep.
The owner appealed.  The owner came to the court with the dog. The Judge was a lover of pets. He stretched his arm towards the dog and said   see what a harmless dog this is.
The dog immediately bit the Judge. His hand started bleeding profusely and he had to be taken to his ante chamber for dressing.

Every one in the Court room was shocked. What greater evidence was needed to prove that the dog had a propensity to bite!
When the Judge returned to the Court room, to every one’s surprise, he said that it was not the dog’s fault, but his fault. He had stretched his hand right into the dog’s mouth. And the dog won the day!

This is a true example of justice at its best.




Air Travel and dangerous goods

Radhe Maa is in the news for all the wrong reasons. 
But I am not touching those issues.
She carried a Trishul on a flight. And there have been all kinds of allegations and defensives from all kinds of people.

I will relate my own experiences.
A long time back, I was flying from Port Blair to Kolkata in an Indian Airlines flight.

The security staff in Port Blair were asking every passenger to take out the batteries from their cameras and throwing them out.
I don’t know whether they knew that there were batteries in watches, and even in some pen which had built in watches, and even in some pendants which had built in watches.
But they ignored these.

Another time, I was flying from Hubli to Chennai via Bangalore. 
I was carrying a camera stand. There was no problem in the Hubli to Bangalore flight. 
Bu the security staff in  Bangalore airport objected to my carrying the camera stand with me……the reason was that the camera stand had pointed legs and could be used as a weapon.
Finally, I handed it to the captain. He carried it with him.

Different people interpret rules in different ways.
The same is the case with Radhe Maa. Obviously, the security staff must have cleared her Trishul.

Even the knife and fork given with the meals in the aircraft can be used as weapons.
The passengers have a right to know what they can or can not carry…… ifs and buts….no illogical interpretations.







Medical Negligence – New platform for aggrieved persons.

A few aggrieved persons file complaints involving medical negligence before the Consumer Forums and even before the state Medical Councils.

The Medical Councils are slower than snails……..and things hardly move there.

In a novel approach, the National Human Rights Commission and the non profit Jan Swasthya Abhiyan (JSA) have started entertaining such complaints and holding public hearings.

The first public hearings in Mumbai will take place in the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Deonar on 18 and 19 November 2015.

Aggrieved persons  can send their complaint to the following:


Phone Nos.  9820749204 / 9820639762

Jan Arogya Abhiyan
Post Box No 1931
Ex-Officers Colony Post Office,
Kothrud, Pune 411038